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We Wiki

We are Enfys and Tariel, joined at the night shift by geography, co-conspirators by choice, and the Archangels responsible for all the mighty changes within the Kingdompedia. We have ALL the right credentials for wiki-editing, because, really, anyone can edit a wiki. That’s us, ok? We’re anyone. Hi, everyone! When we started working with the Emerald Kingdom wiki, we were… Read more →


The Desaturation of Color in Games

Often, you’ll hear gamers complain that video games are looking more “brown” and “boring” in recent years, either because the game’s colors are too desaturated, or they’re heavily tinted with a single color. Generally, this is accompanied with a nostalgic longing for older games, which are cited as being “more colorful”, “fun”, or “vibrant”. After all, they say that real… Read more →


2D and 3D in Art and Gameplay

As computing horse power has increased, we’ve seen increasingly amazing games coming out every year. Processing power barely constrains the imagination, and video games have taken themselves beyond a niche hobby into mainstream past time and art. Having worked on both 2D and 3D games, I find that both have their own advantages and disadvantages. As a player, there are… Read more →