Battlechicken makes some excellent points over on her blog about why she and her husband are leaving SWTOR. Here at Double Cluepon, we already knew a great deal of what she was talking about. But having an MMO Player be so clear and direct with feedback…well, it’s always good to get some validation.

As readers of this blog know, Emerald Kingdom plans for content in a very different way from usual MMO’s. We plan for linear, non repeating stories. This is made possible by how we’re implementing our underlying systems. But one of the points she made really struck me hard:

I realize there are limits, but I wanted there to be some recognition that my story had happened.

With that comment, my brain got moving. I won’t say how, or in what direction. But what I will say is, this is something I feel it’s fair for a player to ask for. While player notability is one thing, when it comes to chronicling the major events of the world, I think in order to have a vibrant and immersive world, the world should behave as though you exist. It should behave as though you have performed actions. This should of course, vary in degrees and scale up. But it’s definitely something I have held out as a standard to design to.

What are your thoughts?