Announcements. They are MANY.

It’s been a long while coming…no, we are not opening Alpha, yet. But we are getting very close. To this end, we have put together a new community system. We call it /VShift/. At /VShift/ you can discuss Emerald Kingdom, Talk to other players, and importantly, speak to developers directly. We will also be releasing more and more information about Emerald Kingdom there as well. It’s a community, not just a forum.Go. Sign up now! We look forward to seeing you there!

Click here to register for /VShift/


Next up? Your next story tease. Yep, it’s been a bit of a wait! But without further ado….


Our next bit of story teaser. I will have something special for the first three people who come to me and fill in the blanks:


“___________ or __________”….It should be noted there are THREE hidden targets, with UNRELEASED and FUN stuffs. Can you find them all?



We have people at ACen starting today! You can get some awesome buttons, not to mention ZIPPER SWAG! We also have shirts and flyers and buttons oh my! Be sure to look for the folks in Emerald Kingdom or Bitsy’s Bullets shirts!

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