How to Prepare for a Composing Session: A Guide by Israfil

Step 1: Look at the concept art for the level you are going to be creating background music for. Stare at it. Drill it into your brain through your eyeholes. Try to imagine what the music should sound like. I’d recommend listening to some music you admire for inspiration.   Step 2: Select your canvas. This doesn’t have to be… Read more →


Extra Life!

It’s been a while since your good old pal Azrael has posted on the blog. To be honest, things here at Double Cluepon have been quite busy as of late. Between personnel changes and additions, and ongoing development of Bitsy’s Bustup…life here has been hectic but fun. We never lose sight of the fun. One of the things we’re doing,… Read more →


Desert Theme-Bitsy’s Bustup ♪

An important part of any game, whether you hardly notice it in the background or it incessantly replays over and over and over in your head for the next month, slowly driving you toward the brink of insanity, is the music. The mood, setting, and timing of a game can really be pulled together, bringing everything to life. Well, thanks to our resident musical… Read more →


  There are always obstacles and challenges we must face here at Double Cluepon on a daily basis. From protecting oneself against the Gremmies’ shenanigans to throwing profanities at the Photoshop trolls, not one instance is ever a moment’s rest– including lunchtime. Read more →