How I learned to stop worrying and love Illustrator.

*Ahem* So, I’m one of the animators. Guess I should say something about animation, right? I was the first animator brought on at Double Cluepon, and that’s because no one else at the time really knew how to animate. Uriel was the only staff artist at the time. She had created a lot of artwork, but there was still plenty… Read more →


You Wiki

Hi! We are Enfys and Tariel, the Archangels responsible for Emerald Kingdompedia - the Emerald Kingdom wiki! Over the last year or so, we have become a pair of mad-wiki-scientists, feverishly experimenting, beautifying and making a record of important events. Through our research, we have learned many exciting things, but one of the most important discoveries we have made is that wiki-editing can be fun! In addition… Read more →